Entry: The Bible's infallibility and sola scriptura Thursday, January 12, 2006

First of all, where in the Bible does it talk about sola scriptura? No where. That's a protestant notion.  However, the Bible does warn in 2 Peter 1:20 and 3:15-16 that scripture can be misinterpreted. 

May I point out, there is no "inspired table of contents". Next, there are many “interpretations”. The Catholic church keeps the same interpretations always. The Bible CAN BE misinterpreted.  See 2 Peter 3:16.  So, how do we know which interpretation is correct?  Follow the authority above?  Who’s the authority? Yes, the authority of a church is a pastor, but who’s his authority? God? Then why can you go to 5 different protestant churches and they could all translate a passage differently? In the Catholic church, the ultimate authority is the Pope, who gets his authority from God. ONE human authority as opposed to 500+.

I like two things Bob Sungenis said in his testimony:

“Since only an entity with the ability to observe and correctly interpret information can act as an authority, I saw that the Bible, though it contains God-breathed revelation, cannot act as a final ‘authority’ since it is dependent on thinking personalities to observe what it says and, more importantly, interpret what it means.”


“In holding to the ‘fallible canon’ theory, Protestants cannot be infallibly certain that the Bible they hold in their hands is in fact the Bible. The issue of the canon is an unsolvable epistemological problem for Protestants.  For if one cannot be certain which books belong in the Bible, how can one presume to use it ‘alone’ as a reliable guide to saving faith in God? The irony is that while Protestants use the theory of sola scriptura to advance their attacks on the Catholic Church, they have no infallible way of knowing what comprises Scripture in the first place. Furthermore, if the canon in indeed fallible, there is no reason why future generations of Protestants could not remove certain books now in the Protestant canon or add new ones……"

“But even if a book claimed to be inspired, how would we know it is in fact inspired? There were many books circulating in the early centuries of the Church that either claimed to be inspired or seemed to be inspired but never made it into the canon… The truth is, Protestants are living off the borrowed capital of the Catholic Church, for it was the Catholic Church that infallibly recognized, under the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, the canon of Scripture. Each time Protestants quote from the Bible they unwittingly acknowledge their trust in the infallible divine guidance given to the Catholic Church by Christ.”

from Bob Sungenis in Surprised by Truth


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